Best Electronic Drum Sets

Electronic drum sets make any recording experience lively with their sound. An electronic drum set primarily comprises a set of electronic or digital drums with drum pads mounted on a rack or stand. Today, they have become an integral part of almost any professional or home recording studio. The advantage of using electronic drums for recording is that you do not have to invest in costly headphones, unlike their acoustic counterparts. Moreover, the offer various features like metronomes, ability to record what you play or practice, play-along samples and songs/loops and synchronizing the drums’ metronome to a studio DAW metronome make them suitable for the professional and novice alike. You might want to check out some of these electronic drum sets to see if they meet your requirements.

Roland TD-30K V-Pro Series Electronic Drum Kit

The Roland TD-30K drum kit is a complete package, as the bundle includes a wide range of drums and cymbals to bring your creative music ideas to life. The product is durable and sports v-drums which are equipped with advanced sensing technology to detect every beat. It is also capable of producing supernatural sounds that stand true to the type of drum you have programmed using the console. The spacing has been done in such a way that the drummer has ample headroom to move around, but at the same time, they have easy access to all the items in the kit.

The TD-30K belongs to the V-Pro series which has consistently received positive reviews from both professionals and people who are still in the early stages of their drumming hobby. The product has a professional V-edit mode that allows you to fully customize the sound output, as you prefer. A dedicated ambience fader is integrated into the drum kit, allowing it to create the room ambience and simulate an overhead microphone to get the best sound output. Despite having reliable headroom for the drummer, the Roland TD-30K is a compact drum kit which has a smaller footprint and is easy to be added to your home studio.

Who Should Buy This?

  • If you have very limited space in your home studio, the Roland TD-30K is a good choice as it can be placed without the need for a large room
  • The product’s build quality and value for money, especially considering the price tag

Yamaha DTX720K 8-Piece Electronic Drum Set

Yamaha is a popular brand among sound professionals, as the company continues to make quality products, be it musical keyboards, speakers, microphones and even drum sets. The DTX720K is an 8-piece drum set which may sound expensive for some, as it costs about two grand but it does deliver on its promise. The product allows you to create your own music and one of the standout features is the highly responsive and expressive DTX-pads used in the kit. The electronic drums are capable of producing legendary drum sounds making it feel as if you are playing on a pair of real, authentic drums.

The advantage of using electronic kits is that, you can customize it to produce different types of drums and add them to your DAW to complete a composition. The Yamaha product allows complete customization and also supports MIDI ports. You can easily connect your set to your computer and play a piece of music to add it to the composition. The MIDI connection allows you to have more drum sounds through plugins found in the DAW. The DTX720K is a complete drum set which has some unique features to make it a great addition to any professional studio or as a personal drum kit.

Who should buy this?

  • A drum kit that is purely dedicated to professional recording, the Yamaha DTX720K though expensive, is justified by its customization capability as well as MIDI Support
  • A stylish piece of equipment, the drum kit goes beyond professional usage and is designed to inspire you to create authentic musical scores

Roland TD-25K V-Tour Drum Kit

With the right kind of tuning and downloading official plugins, you can get a lot more out of this Roland TD-25K V-Tour drum kit, which is a compact, professional bundle for every type of studio. The configuration includes three snare pads, three cymbals and one kick pad. The setup is more than enough to produce most kind of music and Roland has ensured that it is filled to the brim with lots of sound effects to keep it vibrant. The TD-25K is a mid-range product integrated with 123 effects to choose from, 18 different sounds, along with 29 trigger inputs and 12 line input.

The drum kit is also equipped with all the necessary ports including a headphone jack, a MIDI port to connect it to your PC and it offers training functions for beginners to understand the basics. The entire product is made using high-quality steel frame, but doesn’t have a throne to sit on. You can probably use a compatible stool when composing and it is best to opt for a height adjustable stool, as it will allow you to easily access all the components in the kit without having to lean towards it.   

Who should buy this?

  • The mid-range product is rich on features and has a robust build quality making it a viable device for a home studio, but it’s not meant for professional setup as Roland has other premium products for the class
  • Some of the features such as wireless connectivity and Bluetooth are missing. It is meant for wired music composition

Yamaha DTX6k-x Customizable Electronic Drum Kit

The Yamaha DTX6k-x is easily one of the best budget-friendly electronic drum kits that you could purchase without thinking twice. The product has a nice premium touch despite the affordable price tag and it even uses a special XP80 snare pad. The pads use three-zone textured silicone material to increase its overall durability, which plays a major role in making the snare pads sound very realistic with improved dynamics and rimshots. You can also produce three different zones of expression on the cymbal pads including ride, crash and hi-hat. There is also an option to import new sound options along with the 691 drum and percussion sounds provided in the kit.

A wide range of 50 preset drum kits is available along with a 32 note polyphonic tone generator. Over 250 different sounds and drum samples are also provided designed by top VST developers. With strong positive reviews from most users, the DTX6k-x stands as a true drum kit capable of producing natural sounding drums besides being on the affordable range and capable of producing authentic sounds as found in more expensive, professional drum kits from Yamaha. The kick pad and throne has to be purchased separately or if you are willing to invest, there is an alternative bundle with these components included in it.

Who should buy these?

  • Beginners who are still getting their hang of using a drum kit can go for this model as it is much cheaper than more professional drum kits with some recording features removed
  • Easy to learn and has reliable build quality, allowing people of all age groups to use it comfortably

Roland TD-11K-S V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Set

The Roland TD-11K-S is considered the perfect option for beginners and intermediate professionals who need a perfect drum set at a more affordable price range. If you are okay with losing some of the more professional features and like to drum with a convenient kit, this Roland product has it all. It allows you to record a wide range of professional music in multiple genres. Instead of focusing on more advanced features, the product is made for beginners who like to learn music and drumming techniques. The unique Coach function helps players of all skill levels to learn drumming by making use of the large LCD display and it easy to navigate to browse through available lessons.

The electronic drum set also has a practice feature in which professional songs are played in the background and you can play your drums to sync with the original composition. It is a really useful feature as the original songs motivate you to keep practicing until you reach perfection. The drum kit produces supernatural sounds and uses behavior-modeling technology to produce authentic, natural drum sounds throughout a range of musical genres. You can also go through some of the YouTube tutorials available online to know how to customize the kit to your taste.  

Who should buy this?

  • The professional looks of the drum set will appeal to beginners who like to start composing right away
  • The Roland TD-11K-S has lots of practice options including one with original songs playing in the background and another Coach that newbies can definitely make use of

Alesis Nitro Electronic Drum Kit

Alesis is a professional brand on par with other well-known manufacturers in the industry. The company always gets reviews as they make the best drum kits with natural sounding drums and a range of additional component that strongly compliment the overall setup. The Nitro electronic drum set comfortably sits at the entry level and you can easily buy this kid for your young kid or a college student who is still making his mind up to become a professional drummer. The price factor plays a major role in making it easy to buy for most people.

The drum set has comfortable and dynamic 8” high-quality rubber drum pads combined with 8” toms and large 10” cymbals. It also includes a kick pedal, a hi-hat pedal, a drum key and sticks, a snake cable and cable wrap strips, a kick pad tower, a power supply unit and a kit assembly and module. The presence of kick pad tower and bass drum pedal makes it the ultimate drum kit you will ever need to kickstart a passionate hobby. The three single zone toms and dual zone snare render a natural response and excellent feel.  The three 10” cymbals and a crash with choke help in producing various playing expressions. The four-post mounting rack made of aluminum with height adjustable and memory lock functionalities ensures that the drums mounted on it remain steady and secure.              You will find 40 different kits and there are 60 built-in songs, which you can play along with to enhance your drumming skills, besides feeling inspired to compete with professional drummers.

The sequencer has a maximum note storage capacity of 1,600 notes. It operates in two modes – Learning and Normal. The learning mode comprises 10 patterns, 12 rhythms and 20 beats while the normal mode offers 80 songs. The hi-hat pedal offers seven sound combinations including open, half-open, closed, chick and splash sounds when you press it downwards and release without using the cymbal pad associated with it. You can either plug the standalone black drumkit into a headphone or stereo jack, or use the USB port to connect to a computer running on at least Windows 7 or Mac OS X 10.7 operating systems.

Who should buy this?

  • A comfortable and complete product, the Alesis Nitro electronic drum set which includes bass drum pedal, kick pad tower providing everything a drummer needs.
  • The Nitro drum kit is the right choice for those who want to explore different percussion sounds as the module has over more than a 100 such sounds.
  • It is also ideal for singers who would like to enjoy some songs with the 40 ready-to-play modern and classic kits, as well as 60 inbuilt tracks.
  • The drum module also serves the needs of people looking forward to create their own kits with the help of the 385 custom sounds included.

Yamaha DTX522KElectronic Drum Set

Although a little expensive, the Yamaha 5-piece black electronic drum set offers true value for money with its unmatched sound and response. The drum module is loaded with more than 690 sounds including over 400 wave drum and ROM sounds, as well as 50 preset drum kits for compatibility with any music genre. Other highlights include three tom pads, two cymbal pads, a bass drum pad, a snare pad and a hi-hat pad with pedal controller. The textured cellular silicone gives the three-zone pad a smooth and soft feel apart from removing the crosstalk between the drums.

You can place the drum set on a matching sturdy rack provided, that is easy to set up and transport. The drum set also includes an open-ear design headset that delivers clear and loud sound through an advanced dynamic range.

Who should buy this?

  • The drum set is a great option for drum lovers who also enjoy mixing and play back, with excellent results.
  • The vast number of samples makes it a good choice for beginners just like professionals.

MoongoElectronic Drum Set

The drum set renders highly realistic sound with its 10 touch-sensitive pads. It also includes two crash cymbals, one ride cymbal, one open/close hi-hat, one snare, three toms, two foot pads (one each for hi-hat and bass drum) and two wooden drumsticks. The USB MIDI function assists in connecting the electronic set to a computer and producing the music of your choice. The headphone output and AUX input allows you to plug in a headphone and use the drum kit without disturbing others.

The control panel allows you to adjust the speed and volume of the songs available. You can also take your pick from seven sound styles and 12-preloaded demo songs. There is a provision for switching from recording mode to playback mode and vice versa. The metronome function renders an outstanding rhythm feel. You can roll up the portable unit when not in use, to save up space or to take it with you on the go. It is quite safe for even children.

Who should buy this?

  • The electronic drum set is a good choice for both adult drum starters and children looking for home entertainment and music practice.
  • The black and red color combination makes the drum kit a good idea for those who want their musical unit to sport a classy look.

Vault ED-5Electronic Drum Kit

The four-piece electronic drum kit comes with a pre-assembled rack to help you get started playing the drums right away. It features a bass drum pad, an 8” snare drum pad, an 18” hi-hat pad, three 8” tom pads, a 12” ride pad, a 12” crash pad with stop function, a bass drum pedal and a hi-hat foot pedal. The drum pads are made of natural rubber to give the same feel of using an acoustic drum set. The drum kit has an integrated metronome with a wide tempo range of 40 to 240 BPM.

The 3.5 mm stereo jack line input and output allows you to establish an auxiliary connection for playing your favorite music and connecting an external speaker respectively. The 3.5 mm stereo-jack headphone output allows you to listen to the music using a headphone without disturbing others. You can connect the black electronic drum kit to a computer using the USB port for recording, availing the MIDI functions or using with audio recording software.

The drum kit is preloaded with an inbuilt drum coach that has 20 songs, as well as 30 modern and classic kits that you can start playing right away. It also features over 200 percussion, cymbal and drum sounds.The drum off mode additionally has 50 songs that you can play along when you are engaged in drumming.

Who should buy this?

  • The electronic drum set is kit for beginners who are looking for excellent features in an affordable price range.

Roland V-Drums TD-4KP PortableElectronic Drum Set

The Roland electronic drum set features V-drums that offer exceptional sound quality. There are eight pads comprising a kick, a snare, three toms, a hi-hat and crash and ride cymbals. The set also includes a FD-8 hi-hat controller and two foot pedals. The tom and snare pads have cushioned rubber surfaces that give them a natural feel. The unit rests on a three-legged stand and comes with a TD-4 percussion sound module. Some other highlights comprise inbuilt expressive and editable sounds, as well as functions like Coach and Quick Record/Play.

The black and silver color combination gives the electronic drum set a posh look. The folding design offers the portable set quick breakdown facility for easy storage and/or transportation.

Who should buy this?

  • The practice features offered by the Coach function makes the V-drums electronic drum set a good option for those who would like to do rehearsals or start playing drums.
  • The compact unit is an ideal solution for those who want to buy a drum set to use in small spaces such as apartments, bedrooms or any other place where space is a problem.

Beginners & Kids options

iWordElectronic Drum Kit

The professional digital drum kit has a tabletop drum pad with one snare, one crash, one ride, one closed hi-hat, one open hi-hat and three toms. The other components include a couple of foot pedals, inbuilt speakers and drumsticks, a USB cable, a 3.5 mm audio cable, and a user manual. The rechargeable lithium battery of 2,400 mAh capacity and two to three hours charging time ensures that you can enjoy 10 hours of uninterrupted activity for a full day’s activity if the battery is completely charged.

The two speakers produce a stereo sound effect. You can connect a third external speaker by using the speaker jack for connection. The MP3/Phones output jack allows you to link up the drum kit to an MP3 player or a phone and play the drum along with the track on it. You can also record your own track and share it with friends online. The USB pads help in connecting the drums to a computer to function as a MIDI controller for the drum software or to play online drum games.

Who should buy this?

  • The roll up feature of the portable drum set makes it worth considering for drummers, who would like to take the unit with them wherever they go.
  • The drum kit is a good choice for novice drummers who are looking forward to honing their drumming skills.

RockJam RJ760MD Electronic Roll Up MIDI Drum Kit

The drum pads generate realistic sounds that are very much like the ones generated by a non-electric drum kit. The nine drumbeats produce different types of sounds like snare, open/close hi-hat, crash cymbal, ride cymbal, low-mid, high tom and low floor tom. You can fold the thick pad easily to take the kit with you while travelling. The black and white drum set comes with accessories like a power supply, two pedals, a USB MIDI connection and two wooden drumsticks with maximum sound reproduction capability and durability.

You can connect your phone to the black electronic MIDI drum kit to produce rich sounds with better textures. The set is connectable to a headset or external speakers, although only one connection is possible at a time. The sound module reproduces all the beats and sounds that a drummer would like to hear.

Who should buy this?

  • The USB MIDI connection functionality makes the RockJam electronic drum kit one of the best choices for any digital musician, as it allows uploading the beats produced to a computer.
  • The roll up set is ideal for both loud and quiet players because of the ability to use both external speakers and headphone.

Pyle All-in-OneElectronic Drum Set

The all-in-one electronic drum set has a portable and compact tabletop design that helps you save on floor space. It comes along with drumsticks, two-foot pedal controllers, a LED display panel, tom-toms, crash & ride cymbals, snare drums and hi-hats. There are also provisions for adjusting EQ and volume, as well as inserting six C size Polaroid batteries. The unit has various built-in sounds, songs and drum kits for beginners and professionals alike. The sounds include beat, rhythm, tempo and more. The drum kits help in not only recording your own sounds and music, but also saving them and editing later.

You can connect the drum set to external devices such as computers for streaming the audio, or for mixing, editing sounds and recording. The set is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Who should buy this?

  • The learning mode makes the all-in-one set suitable for starters.
  • The battery option ensures that the drum set meets the needs of those who wish to eliminate the hassle of wires.

PAXCESS Electronic Drum Set

The PAXCESS Electronic Drum Set comprises an electronic drum, two drumsticks, a USB cable, two-foot pedals and a user manual. The flexible silicon drum pads feature three tom drums, one bass drum, one snare, one hi-hat, one ride cymbal and two crash cymbals. The portable functionality makes it very easy to stack after use and carry it in your bag.

The hi-hat and bass drum pedals combined with the integrated superb audio transmission technology generate clear and natural sounds. The kit supports a recording function and tempo adjusting capability for you to note down all your beats as and when you play, so that you can refer to them later. The USB and audio input/output ports allow you to connect the roll up drum kit to external devices like computers, speakers and MP3 players. 

Who should buy this?

  • The various Rhythm, Style, Play, Demo and Record modes make the drum kit ideal for both professionals and beginners alike.
  • Available in two color combinations, the multicolored option is a good choice for children and trendy youngsters, while the standard black and white option is suitable for those who prefer traditional looks.

Bellagione Electronic Roll up Drum Set

The electronic drum set has two wooden drumsticks and nine touch-sensitive practice pads that include three toms and one hi-hat, crash, ride, snare, kick, and cymbal. The sounds generated by the hi-hat pedal drum pedals give you the response and feel of playing the traditional acoustic drum set,apart from stimulating the hi-hat and cymbal pedal sound effects. The built-in speaker ensures that the bass effect is excellent with the output of two speakers and you do not have to connect an external speaker. However, the USB MIDI port and 3.5 mm audio plug allow you to get the drum set hooked to a computer, phone or headset of your choice.

The inbuilt metronome ensures that the black drum set renders a rhythmic performance that is pleasing to the ears. The folding aspect helps you to take the unit along with you wherever you go.

Who should buy this?

  • The electronic roll up drum set is apt for those who are looking forward to playing drums for some home entertainment to go with pop, Latin, rock and other music styles.
  • The ability to interchange the positions of the drums and cymbals make it equally suitable for both right handed and left handed players.
  • The drum kit is a good choice for both youth and children.


The portability or roll up feature makes Electronic drum sets a great option for passionate drummers who are short of space at home, or want to take their drum sets with them wherever they go. Alternatively, if you are a budding musician who loves to work with various music styles, then it is worthwhile investing in this musical instrument. The learners or coach modules integrated in most devices will surely help beginners who have just started learning to get their beats right. Although almost all electronic drum sets produce the same effect as acoustic drums, the sound levels and clarity tend to vary. It is better that you make a detailed study of the features of many electronic drum sets before you zero in on your choice. An expensive electronic drum set does not necessarily mean that it is the best and has all the functions that you are looking for as a drummer.

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