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Best Guitar Cables 2021

Do you love playing the guitar? If you do, the first logical step is to start saving money and buy an amazing guitar. But, it doesn’t end there, because obviously, you need a powerful amp to drive your new favorite instrument and never forget to get some cables.

That’s right! The best guitar cables 2021 can make or break your setup because they are supposed to be reliable, capable of producing an authentic sound. There are a number of brands that make stylish cables, good quality products, but there are bad ones too. When you learn to know how to buy your cables, you will get the most out of your guitar.

Here’s a quick review of some of the best guitar cables in the market. Make sure to read the cable buying guide that follows to know how to pick your products.

Mogami Gold Instrument Cable

Going for a pro cable obviously leads to some sacrifices especially in terms of style. The Mogami gold instrument cable is one such product which delivers the best tone in a noise-free environment albeit not so stylish. The high definition cable is available in the smallest size of just 1 foot and goes all the way up to 25 feet. Made of solid lead, it has a polymer sub-shield and an ultra high-density spiral shield.

The oxygen-free copper core ensures exceptional sound quality. The gold connectors get rid of any unwanted crackles, while the carbon impregnated PVC anti-static shield layer gets rid of any excessive handling noise making it a perfect accessory for professional studios.

Recommended For

  • Professional guitar players who want the highest possible quality
  • Multiple features reduce excessive noise, promoting best sound output when recording

Planet Waves American Stage Guitar Cable

The pricing of the Planet Waves American Stage guitar cable is surprising, because it’s so cheap, that even people on a tight budget could buy it. It is surprisingly great in terms of quality too, being on par with mid-range cables. The tip of the cable uses a patented lead technology that prevents any noisy crackles from occurring.

Some of the other notable features to produce impeccable quality are a durable polymer coating, oxygen-free copper conductor and insulation provided by foamed polythene. A natural sound is produced by these cables which are available in length up to 30 feet and also available as a right-angled version, if you are not a fan of straight cables.

Recommended For

  • Guitarists who do a lot of casual gigs and need a cheap cable for easy connectivity
  • Recording guitarists who expect transparency in their tone should buy this

Pig Hog Vintage Series PCH10CCR Cable

The Pig Hog Vintage Series is a relatively new addition to the lineup of best guitar cables 2021. Before you test it out and find how good it is in terms of sound quality, it is the design of this cable that will impress you most. That’s not a bad thing though as it does deliver both on performance and style factor.

The extremely rigid cables have durable jackets woven around the entire length and they are available in a range of colors including Tartan Plaid, Sea Foam Green and Orange Cream. The cables as expected, use oxygen-free copper conductor, has spiral shielding for noise-free sound reproduction. They are available both as straight and right-angled variants in 10 ft or 20 ft length options.

Recommended For

  • If the style of cables inspire you to perform better with your guitar, you should just pick these up
  • The choice of colors are vibrant and it performs well, making it a cool choice for on-stage performance or in band practices

Amboz Red Dragon Guitar Cable

Did you think Pig Hog was the only manufacturer capable of making great looking cables? Not at all, because the Amboz Red Dragon guitar cable would give a tough competition to it in terms of style and build quality. The red cables are fantastic to look at with a solid layer of jacket woven around the entire length.

It is available in 10 ft and 20 ft options with the expected features such as oxygen-free copper conductors and gold plated connectors to ensure crackle free connection. The dragon skin with a mix of red and black makes it look suave, so that you could show off a bit when performing on stage, without any compromises on music quality.

Recommended For

  • A stylish choice for on-stage performers
  • Guitarists who love style with substance and uncompromised sound quality should pick the Amboz cable

KLIQ Guitar Instrument Cable

When you are choosing your guitar cables, you will most probably get the best ones around $20, while more expensive ones may go all the way up to $50. The best guitar cables of 2018 are the ones that balance sound quality and deliver without excessive pricing. The KLIQ Guitar instrument cable does exactly that by being affordable, yet delivering uncompromised quality.

The oxygen-free copper wire, gold plated connectors and durable yet equally stylish outer jacket make it a complete package. It doesn’t end there, because the cable is available in three different color choices including red, blue and black in 10 feet length. The manufacturer also offers straight and right-angled connections, making the KLIQ product a kickass solution for guitarists who want a hassle-free cable for composition.

Recommended For

  • A budget-friendly solution that you could instantly pick and start playing without having to fumble through different length choices
  • Colorful choices allow you to buy cables in multiple colors, when there is more than one guitarist in the band

Fender California Series Instrument Cable

Times have changed and professional instruments these days have a style quotient to them, rather than focusing purely on sound quality or performance. The concept has trickled down even to the cables pros use and the Fender California Series instrument cable is an ideal example. It’s available in bright blue color with robust exterior cover to secure them from wear and tear.

The cable uses oxygen-free copper conductor and has a lead connecting pin that ensures there are no crackles when you play your guitar. Apart from all these, it is a product that comes from the legendary American brand that is known for their quality products.

You can choose to buy the cable in 10 ft or 20 ft options and it is available in two more colors namely Candy Apple Red and Surf Green. Overall, it is a reliable cable for on-stage usage and for doing occasional gigs.

Recommended For

  • A very robust cable that can withstand heavy usage especially if you are going to do a lot of onstage performances
  • Stiff cable that doesn’t wiggle or knot unnecessarily making it a portable choice

GLS Audio Curly Guitar Cable

There are a couple of advantages of using curly cables, as they don’t spread all over the floor and trip people. The GLS audio curly guitar cable ideally picks the best aspects of the form and presents it, so that you could avoid having the excess length provided by other 10 ft cables or even larger ones.

The cables are protected by a conductive PVC shield with an oxygen-free copper insulator and the entire length is covered by high-quality rubber jacket. The external shield ensures the cable is protected against wear and tear.

The endpoint uses both right-angled and straight connectors with lead materials that ensure a crackle free performance. It is capable of delivering good audio quality in a curly design, but the length of cable is limited to just 10 feet and may not ideally suit large areas where more length is mandatory.

Recommended For

  • Professional guitar players who love the curly design and like to have a tangle-free studio
  • For on-stage performance with the ability to easily wrap it up once show is over as flat cables tangle and also take time to be stored

Hosa GTR-210 Straight Guitar Cable

Amazingly cheap cables in the market that get the job done without a fuss! While you can choose to spend more than $50 or even $100 for that incremental upgrade or soundstage it provides, most guitarists and recording studio professionals would prefer a cheap product that works as it is expected.

The Hosa GTR-210 straight guitar cable ideally suits your budget as it costs just $8 and is a perfect material for hobbyists who are still getting their first experience with guitars.

The product has an oxygen-free copper material and uses OFC braided shield ensuring you get the best noise-free experience. The sound quality is on par with more expensive cables and there is no compromise here. The cables from Hosa are available in a variety of sizes including smaller 5 ft variants and large 25 ft models.

Recommended For

  • A perfect choice for newbie guitarists who don’t want to spend much
  • The cables don’t compromise on sound quality and intermediate studio professionals can use it as a spare cable

Things You Should Know When Buying Guitar Cables

The best guitar cables 2021 are the ones that have consistently received positive reviews, are capable of producing excellent noise-free sound and durable. While the basic components required to manufacture a cable remains nearly the same, these are some of the important things you should know when choosing your new cable.


The conductor is the most important component in a cable and they are often made using copper. They are great conductors of the signal. The modern-day cables use oxygen-free copper in most cases while some do use linear crystal copper. The material is cheap that helps keep costs low and the purest form of copper produces the best sound which most cables that are priced $20 or even lower can produce.

Type of Connector

Similarly, you should look for the type of connector used. The ¼” jack is used to connect one end to the guitar and the other end to the amp. A combination of right-angled and straight connectors are used in cables these days as right-angled model tend to last longer, will not have crackles or other issues.

Gold plated connectors are the best, but there are also silver plated ones. You can choose a straight one, go for two right-angled connectors or choose one based on your usage scenario.

Shielding the Signal

Choosing a cable with the best conductor is essential and it should be equally complimented with a durable shielding. The most reliable product will use a braided copper shield that has the capability to block EMI and RFI interferences.

Serve shielding and foil shielding are also other types, but they have a higher level of interference and are not advisable for most kind of recording, unless you are on a tight budget. They will work but the sound quality generated could be low.

Length of the Cable

Another deciding factor when buying your guitar cables should be the length of the cable. That doesn’t directly convert into the longer the better, because your usage scenario will determine what kind of length you will need to use it efficiently. The smallest size could be at 5 ft., which is ideal for a bedroom studio where your amplifier, computer and guitar are in the same place.

Going for a 10 ft or 15 ft cable is good for group gigs, jamming, where you need the extra length to stand at a different spot. Stage performers who walk throughout the available space, to create a friendlier atmosphere while performing, will usually go for a 30 ft model to give them more freedom to move.

Jacket Design

Cables have come a long way from being boring black ones to stylish Kevlar jackets and braided designs. Many popular professional cables are available in a range of colors including blue, red and green to add some vibrance to your performance.

You can go for an extremely stylish model just to make things peppy when doing an onstage performance, while studio people often prefer a subtle, black cable. Using colored ones in the studio makes it easy to spot them and avoid people from tripping over.

Does Pricing Affect the Quality of Guitar Cables?

The answer is a bit complicated, because yes, pricing does affect the quality of a cable, but that doesn’t mean you should immediately buy a cable for $50 or $100. There are extremely expensive cables available in the market such as the Golden Oval cable that costs a whopping $6,000.

For the price, the manufacturer provided pure gold plating; completely oxygen-free copper, to ensure the highest level of clarity and it is made in America by Analysis Plus. Most guitarists should be perfectly fine spending $20 to $30 on a branded cable.

If you are looking for more robust build quality and like to spend more for stage usage, you can go slightly higher between $50 and $70, but that’s a special case as the cheaper cable is capable of delivering the same quality.

Components in a Guitar Cable

A guitar cable’s primary component is the center conductor and good quality ones are made using copper, which carries the signal from the guitar to your amp. The conductor will be insulated with an electrostatic shield to block interference caused by EMI and RFI.

The setup will be covered by an outer jacket which protects all the components inside and is also used to provide a stylish touch to this otherwise basic accessory.

From a guitarist’s perspective, it may hardly matter and you wouldn’t want to know the technology that goes inside a cable to make it work. However, knowing these things will help you become a better shopper and purchase quality products that provide value for your money.

Besides, irrespective of how good your guitar and amp is after having spent hundreds of dollars, if the cables that are really cheap aren’t good enough, which acts as a connector between these items, you may not get the desired output.


Being a musician and instrument player is a fun and satisfying hobby that you can pursue as your heart desires. The market may be flooded with lots of guitars and additional accessories such as guitar stand, a large collection of stylish straps and many other stuff you could buy. There is no need to buy everything or invest to buy the most expensive of it all to get the best quality.

Instead of going really cheap, all you need to do is know the difference between good and best cables,while avoiding crap ones to make the right pick. We have listed the best guitar cables 2021 to make it easier for you to buy a new one when you need it.

Online shopping makes things much easier as you can research products without leaving the comfort of your home and buy the best with great discounts. You will also get to know more about other accessories that could further enhance your guitar jamming experience.

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