Best Electronic Drum Sets

Electronic drum sets make any recording experience lively with their sound. An electronic drum set primarily comprises a set of electronic or digital drums with drum pads mounted on a rack or stand. Today, they have become an integral part of almost any professional or home recording studio. The advantage of using electronic drums for …

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Best Studio Monitors

Studio monitors are essentially loudspeakers placed inside speaker enclosures and find their use in areas where exact audio reproduction is a necessity. Some examples are recording, television and film studios. However, of late, they have also found their place in home studios. If you are a home recorder who doesn’t want to compromise in the …

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best studio monitors

Best Guitar Cables 2021

Do you love playing the guitar? If you do, the first logical step is to start saving money and buy an amazing guitar. But, it doesn’t end there, because obviously, you need a powerful amp to drive your new favorite instrument and never forget to get some cables. That’s right! The best guitar cables 2021 …

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Best Guitar cable
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